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Anemia profile

Anemia is a condition that affects red blood cells. Anemia can be identified by a low hematocrit or hemoglobin level.

There are several types of anemia, including sickle cell anemia (an inherited disorder characterized by abnormal, crescent-shaped red blood cells), thalassemia (an inherited disorder in which an abnormal form of hemoglobin destroys red blood cells prematurely), iron deficiency anemia, vitamin deficiency anemia, aplastic anemia, and hemolytic anemia (a condition in which the body destroys red blood cells prematurely). Anemia profile can determine levels of the hemoglobin, hematocrit levels, RBC count, WBC count, and platelets to help in diagnosis.

Sample type TAT Who is this test for Pretest preparation
Serum,WB EDTA 8 Hrs Any age, Any gender None

Comprehensive Health Package

Complete Blood Profile

Iron Profile


Tests Included

Complete Blood Profile (CBP)

Complete Blood Profile analyzes components of a blood cell - investigating morphology, number, and maturity in blood volume. Recent studies link lower counts of lymphocytes (lymph-forming cells) and eosinophils (white blood cells) to prolonged infection.

Iron Profile

Iron Profile is to check the iron levels in the blood. It shows how much iron a tissue can store. Iron Profile includes Serum Iron (Fe), Total Iron Binding Capacity, and Transferrin Saturation Percentage. Other tests covered in the iron profile include screening for iron deficiency, anemia, chronic iron overload diseases, and mainly hereditary hemochromatosis.

Vitamin B12

Cobalamin or Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin. Vitamin B12 helps in hematopoiesis and functioning of nervous system.


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