Smoking Cessation: 10 Cool Reasons

Since you’re likely reading this on a cigarette break, we’ve kept this short! Here are 10 things to help you kick (the cigarette) butt.


day of not smoking and your risk of a heart attack will almost instantly start to reduce. One year of quitting smoking drops your risk of heart disease to half compared to a “smoker’s risk” of heart disease. One year of quitting for a-pack-a-day smoker will save them over $4000. Quitting smoking saves your lungs, your heart, and your money! Who knew?!! ?


 hours without a cigarette will bring your heart rate and blood pressure close to normal levels again. Two weeks of smoking cessation greatly improves circulation. And you’ll wake up feeling energized to take on the day. Take that, Monday morning!


 non-smoking days brings your sense of taste and smell back to that of  non-smoker. Imagine how much better food would taste!


 times the risk of esophageal cancer is scary. And avoidable.


 days and almost all the nicotine is out of your body. Bye bye, withdrawals!


 months of quitting and you’ll notice an immense improvement in lung capacity. Go hiking, scuba diving, dancing without all the huffing and puffing that is, sadly, all too familiar now. Do all the cool stuff without losing your breath!


000 chemicals exists in the deadly concoction of tobacco smoke. While hundreds of these are harmful, about 70 are known to cause cancer. These are completely avoidable.


hours and the levels of oxygen in your blood return to normal. No more toxic carbon monoxide running through your body!


 out of 10 smokers say they would like to quit  but can’t. If you are one of these 9, don’t be embarrassed to say it out loud. Find yourself smoking cessation help if it’s too hard to go cold turkey, or if you have tried and failed in the past. Get help, and stay busy!


unapologetically vain reasons to quit smoking:

  • No more nicotine-stained teeth
  • Don’t aid gravity in the sagging-skin-story
  • Age spots are not pretty
  • No one harbors secret dreams of going bald
  • Wrinkles!
  • Yellow nails are for those who have jaundice
  • Bags do not belong under your eyes
  • Toothless smiles are cute only on babies
  • Dull skin needs so much editing on a selfie
  • Beat premature ageing and look younger, longer

quit smoking

Planning to give up tobacco?

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