10 Brain Transformers: A Poem


As we enter an era of a trans­form­ing cerebrals

there will soon be “Mind­ful” wearables

to con­cen­trate, med­i­tate and self regulate

Did I just see you drop your jaw­bone at the gate?

Charge your­self to a calm­ing or ener­giz­ing state

Enhance mem­ory and you are now feel­ing great

Your life may soon be in a dif­fer­ent motion

With Elec­tri­cal and mag­netic brain stimulation

Not just in games or

bars that you may frequent

You may come across a Vir­tual Real­ity treatment,

In con­junc­tion with EEG and/ or tDCS as a sequent

Men­tal manip­u­la­tion of mem­o­rized objects

enhanc­ing fluid intel­li­gence and those subjects

Emo­tions and Cog­ni­tion through those frames

called Cog­ni­tive train­ing videogames

When life is hard and you need help

con­trol exter­nal devices when you painfully yelp

Mon­i­tor­ing health through EEG and your soul

Use Brain-Computer Inter­faces for device control

Nor­mal or dis­eased — you may want to know

soon on the curve you will be able to show

diag­nose and treat like never before

using Big Data-enhanced diag­nos­tics and treat­ments and more

A seizure may come when no one is around

unwanted and with­out warn­ing sound

ALS patients and more will benefit

Real-time neu­romon­i­tor­ing with robotic aid specialist

Dri­ving a car and you dose off for a bit

Sys­tems employ­ing neural detec­tion tickle to make you sit

They are in the mon­i­tor vehi­cle oper­a­tor alert­ness business

Aptly called Neu­rosen­sor based vehi­cle oper­a­tor systems

The tasks are many and you poor one

EEG sig­nals the com­pany your men­tal state

And tai­lor the com­put­ing expe­ri­ence estate

via Brain-responsive com­put­ing sys­tems that you may hate

Learn­ing across the extended workforce

will no longer be through a reg­u­lar course

Improv­ing learn­ing and skills at com­pany stations

Through Col­lab­o­ra­tive cog­ni­tive simulations

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