BabyMap - Infertility/ IVF/ RPL

Tests to investigate infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss


Cytogenetic test to detect major chromosomal aneuploidies

CMA - Infertility/RPL/IVF

Test to detect CNVs associated with genetic disorders

Fragile X syndrome

Test to detect expansion in the FMR1 gene

Y Chromosome Microdeletion

Test to detect microdeletion on Y chromosome

MatchmyGenome - Couple carrier screening

Couple carrier screening to assess genetic disorder risk and its potential impact on future offspring's health

Y Chromosome Microdeletion

Y chromosome microdeletion refers to the loss of a small portion of genetic material on the Y chromosome in males which has a crucial role in fertility.

Fragile X syndrome

Fragile X syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects intellectual and developmental functioning.

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