‘Counting clicks is not what counts’ – 30 quotes from Indian startup journeys

It’s a roller coaster ride, enjoy it. Keep your balance even on one leg. You won’t tip, but if you do, get up.

It’s all in the genes – #SheChat with Anu Acharya, Founder, Mapmygenome

Anu Acharya started Mapmygenome in 2011 to ensure that people are aware of their genetic makeup and work towards preventing diseases. Today, Mapmygenome and its famous Genomepatri doesn’t need any introduction.

Today at Mapmygenome there is so much more that they do with the genetic build and DNA, than simply creating the Genomepatri. Right from the beginning, the team knew they needed the right partners and the trust of the doctors with them. This made the team look at building a doctor base and the consumer side as well.

Speaking of the challenges she faced on introducing the product to the Indian market, Anu says, “Everyone believes initially that it is an easy product or easy set of products to sell. Explaining and education is very important, and at this point in time we are best equipped to do that. The basics of how genetics affects behaviour, skills, and even the mind needs to be explained.”

One of India’s most promising entrepreneurs, Anu was awarded The Young Global Leader by The World Economic Forum in the year 2011.

As a guest on our weekly #SheChat, Anu got talking about entrepreneurship, trends in bio-tech, and life in general. Here are a few excerpts from the chat.

Anu Acharya

On the genesis of one of India’s most promising startups

With the previous experience, we started by looking at how we could prevent disease to begin. Genomepatri is like a janampatri for health and genetics. The name helps to connect with Indian population emotionally.

How it works and how much it costs?

We have a range of products. In case of Genomepatri, customer buys it online or from a partner. The customer then sends swab samples and we process it. This is followed by a genetic counselling session and a recommendation report.The price depends on what you are buying. It’s a once in a lifetime time test and costs about RS 200 per test.

How has the journey been, then to now?

Earlier it was an intellectual stimulus. Now it is an obsession and passion as we can truly create an impact.

What are you working on currently?

We just did a soft launch of ‘Babymap’ for Planned Parenthood. Stay tuned for more.

Entrepreneurship – The journey

Remembering the big picture is why I started. But my friends and family, they make me smile and continue.

And here’s all the inspiration you need from the Global Leader.

  • It’s a roller coaster ride, enjoy it. Keep your balance even on one leg. You won’t tip, but if you do, get up.
  • If you are passionate about a problem you are solving, just do it!
  • Different strokes for different folks
    Some with ropes and some with hopes
    Or fittest, fastest, or freakiest?

    And on a more candid note,

“Our school was full of them. So we didn’t call each other a nerd.”

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