Fitness Foil: In a Good Gym Must Thee Toil

Like the perfect shampoo for your hair, favorite CD in your car stereo, choosing the right fitness center is quite important.  We find more excuses to skip a workout than reasons to stick to a regime. The right fitness center can help here.

Your checklist for the right fitness center

Apart from basic criteria like the latest equipment, reputation (usually word-of-mouth) and price(s), it is desirable to get an overall assessment of the gym’s “lifetime” factor. This is simply to ensure that you will sign up and keep going to that gym. Maybe some things work for you and some things don’t, but we hope this quick list will help you get (or stay) in shape!

The shorter the commute, the better

Probably the most important factor- how long does it take to reach your gym, change, begin and finish your workout and drive back to home/work? I spent 40 minutes in commuting to and from my aerobics class when I was a fresh graduate with plenty of time on my hands, a lot of excess weight and willing parents. Once I started working, I said goodbye to my instructor (thank God for an iron will and free Internet videos!).

Open all days

No matter how hard you try to stick to a schedule, there will be times when you slog at work 5 days a week (or for weeks together) and hit the gym only on weekends (for 2-3 hours). Instead of fretting over missing out, crash on Friday night and get in some quality time at your gym on Saturdays/Sundays.

Music makes you jive

The right music with the right tempo goes a long way towards helping you finish your workout(s). Fitness center that focuses on a diverse mix of English and desi beats is preferred over others. Regular rotation of playlists is an added plus.

Look and feel

A good gym need not necessarily burn a hole in your pocket- but decent hygiene and maintenance is necessary. Unless you are a hardcore fitness freak who is happy with sandbags, barbells and such, a neat shower cubicle, locker space, spa/jacuzzi and salad bars are all incentives – for using that annual membership card.

Flexible packages

Some gyms offer well-rounded deals, e.g., a combo offer for 12 classes of aerobics + 12 sessions of yoga (monthly) is better value for money when compared against a highly priced fee with limited access to the gym’s facilities. Given that gyms indulge in heavy marketing, a bit of analysis is helpful in signing up for the best package that meets your requirements.

Follow the crowd

If you despise jumping onto the treadmill or stairmaster, an advanced aerobics/pilates class is a great choice. You will meet some regular group members, dedicated to getting optimal results. During intense routines, their smug looks will push you to do as well (or better) than them. After all, healthy competition never hurts anyone, and definitely hurts lesser than 40 minutes of circuit training.

But if you are really shy…

New moms want to feel just as fit as before. To regain form and confidence, one might prefer to work out alone, given that it takes weeks (or months) esp., after a long break. Talk to the senior staff about options for personal training, gender exclusive batches and so on.

There are some awesome add-ons that make a fitness center more attractive – incentivized plans wherein you get paid if you lose weight, celebrity trainer sessions on occasion, etc. The fitness bandwagon is on a fast track….the roads only get better from here. So do not fall prey to the fitness foil: choose the right place to toil!

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Fitness center - choose the best and we can help you with the rest

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