Five Great Reasons To Invest in a Genomepatri

Investing in Genomepatri is investing in your health. Experts at Mapmygenome can give you 120+ fabulous reasons to invest in a Genomepatri for you and your family. We are sharing some key reasons with you.

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Plan your health

A good investor understands the importance of planning, the earlier the better. Genomepatri™ allows you to plan for your health by understanding the risks and the best-fit corrective strategies. Our genetic counselors chart out workable health plans after correlating report findings with your family and personal health history.

Prevent disease

We all know that prevention costs less than cure. With the rising healthcare costs, prevention becomes imperative. Genomepatri™ followed by genetic counseling can help you prevent or delay the onset of many conditions whose treatment costs can cause a big dent on your pocket.


Ensure effective cure

This works in two ways – early detection to nip a condition in the bud and finding the best drug. Often, delays in treatment aggravate seemingly small hiccups to serious health issues. By detecting health problems early, you can make sure a condition is treated before it becomes unmanageable. Your doctors can also prescribe drugs that will work best for you. That is two birds with one dose.

Achieve fitness goals

Whether you want to lose weight, become fit, gain muscle, or run a marathon, your genes and our experts can guide you in achieving your goals. If you want to lose weight, we can help you by analyzing your body’s propensity to obesity and fat storage, along with your best-fit diet and fitness plan. So, go ahead and hug the weighing machine.

Protect your family

By studying the genetic component of your health profile along with your family and personal medical history, our expert genetic counselors can predict the risk of certain conditions in your siblings and offspring. With Genomepatri™, you can take the right measures to keep your family healthy.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest in Genomepatri for better health. Call 1800-102-4595 or write to to learn more. Today!

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