Genomepatri Lite: When Lite Can Be Powerful

Mapmygenome has been offering personal genomics services since 2013. For a new concept unheard of in the Indian healthcare sector, our flagship brand Genomepatri has gained immense popularity. Since then we have introduced many new services. But our new service Genomepatri Lite is special. It can be a powerful tool that can make a difference to your health and lifestyle. Read on.


The Power of Choice

Choose the right key to your health with Genomepatri Lite

As consumers, we are entitled to choose what we want to buy. Right from our clothes to holiday packages, we like to customize them to suit our needs. Why not do this with healthcare? We are all different. There are some health issues that we may have inherited and some that are a result of our environment and lifestyle. A fixed personal healthcare package may not be of much use – we may end up opting either for the more expensive comprehensive service or choosing more than one. With Genomepatri Lite, you can choose what you want from a personal genomics service.


The Power to Upgrade

Easy upgrade with Genomepatri Lite

Advances in technology give us new avenues to better our life. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could upgrade rather than purchase a new device to meet the constant demands of technology? Genomepatri Lite gives you the power to upgrade. Your requirements from a personalized healthcare service today and tomorrow can be different. With Genomepatri Lite, you can do this easily.


The Power to Live Healthy

Live Healthy with Genomepatri Lite

Living healthy becomes easier with Genomepatri Lite. We have a comprehensive lifestyle panel that gives you your genetic predisposition to lifestyle traits. Work on a plan with our genetic counsellors and nutritionists to transform your lifestyle.


The Power to Protect Your Family

Protect your Family with Genomepatri Lite

Your family’s health requirements are best understood by you. Opt for a pre-test genetic counselling service with our experts to understand familial health patterns. Choosing what appears in your family’s Genomepatri Lite report becomes easier. Use the proactive health plans offered by our genetic counsellors to protect your family from health risks.


The Power to Prevent Disease

Prevent Disease with Genomepatri Lite

Preventing disease using personal genomics is what we do best. Use our expertise in genomics to know yourself better, understand your health risks, and mitigate them.


Genomepatri Lite Features

 Life Style Move to a healthier lifestyle

  • Achieve your fitness goals
  • Build healthy habits
  • Manage weight loss
 Beauty Protect your skin and hair

  • Learn more about your skin-type and hair type.
  • Prevent hair loss
  • Prevent many skin disorders
 Heart Protect your heart

  • Prevent heart disease by understanding risks
  • Early detect and troubleshoot possible heart risks
  • Know your risk to heritable heart conditions
 Diabetes Prevent / manage diabetes

  • Learn your risk to Type 2 Diabetes and chart out prevention plans
  • Early detect and manage better
  • Optimize treatment
 Women Manage gender specific health risks

  • Understand your genetic predisposition to gender specific traits
  • Prevent or delay the onset of disease
  • Screen for familial health conditions
 Inherited Conditions Carrier status and inherited conditions

  • Find your carrier status for inherited conditions
  • Talk to our expert genetic counsellors and learn more
 Bone & Joints Healthy bones & joints

  • Learn more about your bone mineral density
  • Prevent or manage orthopaedic and muscular issues
 Eyes Occular health

  • Prevent or delay the onset of eye disorders
  • Early screening can help in better management

*These 8 health panels are offered as part of Genomepatri Lite. Our executives and genetic counsellors can help you customize your Genomepatri Lite and choose other panels.


Other Panels and Upgrade Options

Drug Response

Optiomize treatment options by understanding your response to drugs


Prevent gastroenterological conditions like Crohn’s diseas


Understand your genetic predisposition to 15+ types of cancers


For neuro-psychiatric health


Know your autoimmune response


Protect your lungs

Liver & Kidney

Prevent liver & kidney troubles


Get your Genomepatri today!

Our comprehensive personal genomics test Genomepatri gives your genetic predisposition to 100 plus conditions, genetic counseling and an actionable recommendations report. If there is a family history and you are worried about inheriting a genetic risk, you can consult with our genetic counselors.

If you are looking for further information on Genomepatri, our executives can help you. Call 1800-102-4595 or write to to learn more. Today!