Health Is Wealth – Get Richer Everyday!

Here’s what your health account should look like:

Numerous nutrients

Goji berries. Green tea. Almonds. Coconut water. Health bulletins are blasting us from all medical and health journals. We assimilate more information than the food on our plate!

“Do I eat the banana or do I eat the guava?” “Dairy or meat?” “Should I give up coffee?”

It doesn’t matter. WHO says we all need at least 4-5 helpings of fresh fruit and veggies per day. Let’s try to get there first. A lot of people do not consider them as main course ingredients- thanks to an unhealthy shift in food trends (read calorie-dense, vitamin-deficient meal patterns).

add fruits and veggies for better health

Protein per pound

In every decade of  life, one needs to ensure a balanced diet to protect bones, prevent decay, increase flexibility and overall fitness. Proteins are essential for growth and development (in the young), muscle building and maintenance, organ function and hormonal regulation.

*The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 0.8 g of protein per kilogram of body weight (36 g per pound) for healthy individuals.


Add muscle to your moolah

Invest in at least 4 hours per week in medium (if not intense) physical activity. Lose the excess fat and gain stronger legs, better arms and a powerful heart. It’s easier to shoulder your family’s troubles and lend a helping hand to others, when you are lighter and brighter!

Exercise for better health

A few Zs

Adequate sleep is a must for physical and mental wellness. Medical experts say the recommended “eight hours” of sleep is debatable and could be anywhere between five and nine hours.

Also, naps are good. Weekends are not only about catching up with your loved ones and cooking brunch. Rest and recreation goes a long way towards recharging your cells.


Crores of cheery smiles  

A happier you is a scarier you – for those nasty germs trying to infect you. Stop the everyday stress from invading your body. An unusually heavy dose of anxiety should be a warning sign for you – so calm down and focus on solving the problem, minus the worries. Who knows, maybe your smile will infect others and they will catch it too!


Ask yourself – What do you dread more, a financial crisis or a health complication? Start building your treasury today and get richer instantly. Feed and fuel up right, and ensure your family’s happiness and fitness for years to come!

Moving to a healthier lifestyle?

Mapmygenome offers genetics-based solutions to help you move to a healthier lifestyle.

  • MyFitGene is a complete lifestyle planner with diet and fitness solutions. Whether you are aiming for a fitness goal or training for a marathon, this test can be of great value to your diet and fitness plans.
  • SlimGene is for weight watchers. Understand your risk to obesity, your eating habits, and your fat storage & absorption potential in order to get to the most suitable diet plan.
  • Counseling: Our expert genetic counselors and nutritionists can help you in planning and execution of a customized diet plan that suits you the best.

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About the Author

Rasika is the product specialist and scientific liaison for Mapmygenome’s personal genomics portfolio. With eight years of experience in sequencing, molecular biology, genetic data analysis and reporting, she currently works in the product team at Mapmygenome. Her key responsibilities include genomics product development, data curation, scientific content creation and management, data analysis and technical support for business development. Her key strength is a robust understanding of consumer genomics, including specialized areas such as pharmacogenomics, nutrigenomics and sports genomics. Rasika is also a certified group fitness trainer and Pilates (Balanced Body) Mat instructor.