Healthy Women’s Day with Genomepatri

As #GeneNxtWomen, we have been groomed to multitask our way to success. In our daily struggle to balance work, family, friends, and health – it is health that often take a backseat. Unlike our mothers, who believed in sacrifice and compromise for a happy family, we prioritize our needs for the best of all our worlds. Health just happens to be the lowest priority for many. For women who have adapted with gusto to mobile apps for efficiency, Genomepatri can map the path to better health. Read on to find out how.

Genomepatri for Women

Reproductive Health

Find out the role your genes have to play in various functions and conditions related to the reproductive system. Genes related to estrogen and hormone pathways, metabolism, and synthesis have been analyzed to predict insights relevant to you. A genetic counselling session followed by recommendations report will give you actionable steps towards better reproductive health.

Diabetes & Cardiovascular Health

Diabetes is amongst the most preventable but prevalent conditions affecting women today. Your genetic risk profile gives insights to diabetes and its risk factors, while our genetic counsellor correlates these findings with your health history and suggests lifestyle changes to prevent or delay onset of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Bone Health

We all know the role of Vitamin D and bone mineral density in women’s health. Some of us take proactive steps for healthy bones and joints. However, if there is a severe Vitamin D deficiency, we don’t realize this until a series of weird symptoms and a battery of tests bring this fact to light. Genomepatri gives the opportunity to take necessary precautions.

Fitness & Lifestyle

With Genomepatri, get insights into the effect of your genes on your metabolism and other lifestyle traits. Find out the best fitness activity for you and the diet pattern that will help you shed the unwanted kilos and prevent their regain. Learn more about your genetic predisposition to Vitamin and PUFA levels and dietary actions to prevent deficiency. Achieve your fitness goals.


Thyroid is one of the most important hormones that impacts several key functions in women. Right from our weight and metabolism to monthly cycle and fertility, this hormone has a significant role to play. With Genomepatri, you get your genetic predisposition to hypothyroidism. Most parents who undergo treatment for hypothyroidism are eager to ensure preventive steps against this condition for their children. Genomepatri can help them here.

How To Get a Genomepatri?

You can buy Genomepatri online ( or through ( Alternatively, write to or call 1800-102-4595 and our executives will guide you.

An Offer Exclusively for Women

Every woman wants her family to be healthy. Familial health patterns and hereditary conditions can often be a cause for stress. Nobody can answer these questions better than our Principal Genetic Counsellor, Pooja Ramchandran – the best you can find in India. For women, we are giving a 75% discount on genetic counselling. Grab this offer now!

An offer exclusively for women

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