MAP Hypertension with Genomepatri

There are many amongst us who believe that hypertension is yet another sign of old age and medication is the only recourse. Hypertension has several risk factors including genes, diet and lifestyle, and stress among others. While we cannot change our genes, it is possible to prevent hypertension by controlling other factors. Measurement, awareness, and prevention are the key and here is how Genomepatri can help you prevent, delay the onset, or manage hypertension better:

Prevent hypertension

Get to know your genetic and other risks

Hypertension is among the 100+ conditions covered in Genomepatri. With a simple swab of your saliva, you can get to know your genetic predisposition towards hypertension.  In addition, our genetic counselors correlate your health history with your genetic test results. In other words, they assess your risks (family history, food habits, activity levels, etc.), compare them against your genetic risks, give you a better estimate of the likelihood of hypertension, and chart out prevention plans for you.

Control associated risk factors

Factors such as obesity and lipid levels are associated with increased risk for hypertension. Get to know your risk for such factors and use the action plan given by our genetic counselors to control these risks before they can cause too much harm.

Move to a healthy lifestyle

Your lifestyle has a strong role to play in the prevention/management of hypertension. Be it your diet pattern, the activity that suits you the best, or risk for alcoholism/nicotine dependence – know them all and use this knowledge to move to a healthy lifestyle. Also, find out about your body’s ability to absorb and metabolize micronutrients to manage any deficiencies.

Beat the stress

Mental stress has a proven association with high blood pressure levels and eventually hypertension. With Genomepatri, know your resilience – find out whether you are a worrier or a warrior. Use this knowledge to control mental stress.

Does that medication work for you?

Genomepatri can help you learn about your response to several medications such as statins and blood thinners. Your doctor can use this information to optimize your treatment.


What if you are already suffering from hypertension?

Apart from medication response, Genomepatri can help you understand your risk for several complications associated with hypertension – stroke, chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular diseases, glaucoma, etc. Use this knowledge to prevent or delay onset of such conditions. Our genetic counselors can help you here. They can also help you understand the possible genetic risk for your children and thus prevent hypertension in the next generation.

Get your Genomepatri today!

Our comprehensive personal genomics test Genomepatri gives your genetic predisposition to 100 plus conditions, genetic counseling and an actionable recommendations report. If there is a family history and you are worried about inheriting a genetic risk, you can consult with our genetic counselors.

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