women leaders in India

In the last six years, India has seen a 6% increase in women's representation on boards, however, the question still remains whether this growth is enough? These figures force us to further question the dearth of women leaders in India and what measures one can take to support the new generation leaders in India. At The ETPrime Women Leadership Awards 2021, we made an effort to bring forward a discussion and conversation around the need for women representation on boards. Taking this dialogue forward are two women leaders Simi Sabhaney, Chief Growth Officer, Dentsu International India, and Anu Acharya, founder and CEO, Mapmygenome.

Dentsu's Sabhaney says that the advertising industry is a boy’s club and she navigated her way through this. “The advertising and media industries are literally infested with boys’ club culture. There is a lot of banter, fun, and networking in the boys club. But then it comes at the cost of excluding women. Here is where I decided to focus my energy to ensure that there's great work that's placed on the table,” she said.