New Year – New Resolutions?

Every New Year has a unique story to share. It is on this day that one stops to see the year that had gone by – the good, the bad and ugly, all of it! It is time to plan and retrospect. People pause to think, to understand and plan the year ahead. Most of us try and hope to be better, to achieve more and make maximum use of our potential. And, even though cultures and climates are different around the globe, one common denominator for everyone – is the practice of making New Year Resolutions.

Yes, the promise to self in hope of becoming more successful, richer, healthier, prettier, planned, organized, considerate…. the list is endless! Billions of people making trillions of resolutions – you can do the Math! The intention though noble, seldom makes it through the year. However, one can never doubt the sincerity of the common man, as the same resolution is taken the next year again, and the year after and forever like a sacred oath. It is a fascinating little practice – deeply entertaining for those who do not understand the chase and rush of it all. Change is inevitable and yet it certainly does not happen overnight, so how must we make a list that in some way makes us better, has tasks that can be completed and yet not be terribly difficult? We can all do a few things that make us and the people around us happier. Let us start with the few listed below…

Personal Life

  • Schedule “me” time to turn off your cell phone, computer and other electronic devices. Do not use your cell phone during work meetings, social events or dinner.
  • Bring more to the table at every meeting—speak up and voice your opinion.
  • Be more willing to talk to others and learn something about strangers.
  • Do something out of your comfort zone. Sign up for a dance or art class.
  • Give yourself more credit. More than likely, there is no one who will master everything on his or her list. The fact is, you are trying and nothing is better than that.

Resolutions: Go beyond your comfort zone


  • Start running a little further each time you run.
  • Take the stairs instead of elevators and escalators to get daily exercise.
  • Get more vitamin D by taking some time to spend outside. Do not forget the sunscreen!
  • Identify the things that make you stressed during the day and take action. Create a list of things that are in your control and take small steps to change them.
  • Walk or ride your bike more often instead of driving

Diet Plan

  • Cook at home more often—you will learn new cooking skills and save money.
  • Enjoy the seclusion and solitude of eating a meal alone.
  • Stop late night snacking: your body will take the calories and store them as fat.
  • Try portion control when eating meals. Put leftovers in the refrigerator immediately to prevent eating a second helping.
  • Eat more high quality dark chocolate – it is loaded with antioxidants.

Health and Safety

  • Do not text and drive (as a matter of fact, do not use your phone at all while driving).
  • Do a safe walk of your house – replace smoke alarm batteries, check locks on windows and doors.
  • Get yourself a health checkup once in 6 months. Floss your teeth more often to avoid dental checkups.
  • Start recycling by having a designated bin available and educate yourself about what items are recyclable.
  • Prepare ahead of time with travel snacks. Pack a variety of snacks from dried fruit, nuts, energy bars and fruit to help make healthy choices while on the go.

This looks like an easy to-do list, but a holistic view of it would ensure the start of a happy and healthy life. Small steps can be taken every day to make our lives better; some do it anyhow while others need a small nudge. The route or reason behind doing a task seems irrelevant after achieving the goal. Nevertheless, the route is quite important as it determines the outcome. If we keep it simple and feasible, we can achieve a lot. The achievement then inspires us to do more, put in more effort and work harder to complete the rest. Another important note would be to – take a step away every day from our daily struggles and contemplate about something much larger than ourselves. Self-appreciation, gratitude and the ability to forgive and forget do wonders while moving on to the next day. ‘If promises are meant to be broken’; then why not make a wish you cherish? That way you will hold on to it and your New Year will have a different tale to tell ?

What are your health resolutions?

My health resoltutions

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