A mind is the root cause of mental illness,

If you have one, you may be one of four,

Whose sufferings may not just be a little more,

But has tremendous potential in store.

The cause may not always be the same,

Genetics, environment, and lifestyle may be playing a game.



You were born to stand out,

Yet society wanted you to mingle with the crowd,

You are uniquely you, no doubt,

Your accomplishments make the society proud.

If you suffer so does the world around you,

Your friends and family want to sit around and enjoy a brew.


Those celebrities that you followed,

In their inner lives, they languished, not always aloud.

Those Scientists that inspired you, and not just 3 or 4,

Newton, Darwin, Curie, Einstein and so many more.

Geniuses like Beethoven, Tolstoy and Lincoln remind,

Creativity and mental illness may be aligned.


Politics is more Bipolar than your personality,

Devices around you drive you towards ADHD,

Anxiety spread by gun laws abound,

Depression about the economy is doing the rounds.



Perhaps, we can forget the evils of the world with Dementia,

Move on with the gift of ADHD and dyslexia,

Solve problems with genius that these minds hold,

The brilliance that schizophrenic people brought to this world.

The bright sparks of Autism, the creative mind of some disorders,

Can they visit doctors, with no stigma and no borders?


A world where it’s ok to be not ok,

A world where your imaginary world may be saner than the real one.

A world that cared and gave a helping hand.

No stigma attached, let’s wave that magical wand.