Personalised Healthcare For All: MapMyGenome’s Revolutionary Preventive Genomics Tests Are Available at Rs 6999


Hyderabad, March 03, 2023: Genomic tests used to be expensive, leaving many people without access to the potentially life-changing health insights that it can provide. MapMyGenome, a leading preventive genomics company, has been changing the healthcare scenario with its affordable preventive genomic tests at half the price of other similar tests on the market.

About a decade ago, Mapmygenome began its pioneering quest to create an affordable, personalised genomic solution called Genomepatri. MapMyGenome’s flagship product Genomepatri covers more than 100 health conditions related to cancer, cardiology, neurology, pharmacogenomics, nutrition, fitness, sleep, and many more at Rs.6999. Genomepatri also provides free genetic counseling from Board Certified genetic counselors with actionable recommendations.

“ Instead of consumers and patients going to centers, we made genomics simple, accessible and affordable. We call this #HarGharDNA. We are excited to create products that allow consumers not just to live healthier and longer lives but also look and feel beautiful and fit”

-Anu Acharya, MapMyGenome Founder & CEO

The price point of Rs.6999 for MapMyGenome’s preventive genomic tests assumes significance as Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries is planning to foray into the genomics market with Rs 12,000 test kits.

MapMyGenome’s preventive genomic tests cover a range of areas including ancestry, disease predisposition, carrier status, inherited genetic disorders, heart health, skin and hair care, and fitness. Now MapMyGenome plans to roll out more preventive genomics tests that cover important aspects of health such as skin and hair care, heart health, gut health, and many more.

Additionally, the tests are done using the latest genomic sequencing technologies, ensuring accuracy and reliability. 

Last year, the company launched its pharmacogenomics solution MedicaMap, that provides a user-friendly report on an individual’s body response to 165+ US FDA-approved commonly prescribed medicines.

Genomic Test Kit

Genomic Database Focusing on Indian Population 

MapMyGenome has been bringing gene mapping to India’s 1.4 billion population, developing a genomic database focusing on the Indian population, for the past 21 years. This genomic data can aid in drug development and also helps in understanding the genetic link to diseases.

“Our mission to impact 100 million lives using genomics as a base started 10 years ago in 2013 when we began offering Genomepatri to consumers. Today we are able to use that experience to provide better guidance to our consumers using machine learning. “

-Anu Acharya

The tests are easily accessible too. They can be ordered online and get it delivered across India, and results can be accessed through email.

MapMyGenome’s mission is to make genomics testing accessible to the people and the affordable pricing will encourage more people to focus on their health and wellness.

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