Stress in Children: Preventive Measures

With swelling amounts of homework, competitive exams, subject choices, and child geniuses in today’s world, the stress of school life is slowly increasing. Some children have highly demanding schedules, some are trying to fit in, and some are looking for a good college — all lead to one problem — stress.

Right from elementary school to the end of adult life, stress is some people’s companion. Chronic stress is harmful for mind and body; it causes heart disorders, pain, depression, eating disorders, and sleeping problems. Stress is also opening up doors for new diseases that were almost non-existent up to 50 years ago. Autoimmune disorders are one of those. Some people have accumulated so much stress over the years that their immune system begins to work against them.

Much like many other diseases, stress can be prevented. Instead of having to deal with stress in children, take precautions to ensure they do not have it in the future.

stress in children - too much pressure?

Six ways to prevent and assuage stress in children

  • Exercise and play sports: Exercising keeps children fit and releases hormones that make them feel better
  • Meditate: Relaxing and focusing on breath for even just a few minutes a day improves heart rate variability, which in turn helps to beat stress
  • Keep schedules simple: Though it is important to learn new things, choose a few extra-curricular activities that interest them and focus on those rather than burdening them with too many
  • Sleep for 8 hours every day: Sleeping is a great, all natural, and free medicine for all problems
  • Eat healthy: Eating right is an important factor to reducing stress — the right nutrients can release hormones to beat stress while reducing relevant side effects
  • Have fun: Fun activities like meeting friends, relaxing, reading a book or listening to music can induce an endorphin rush that helps in avoiding stress

stress in children: it is important to have fun


Mapmygenome can help prevent/assuage stress in your child

Mapmygenome offers great products to help prevent/assuage stress in children:

  • WebNeuro™ Focus: This is a 30-minute online test for children that can identify feelings — stress, depression, and anxiety; self-regulation potential — emotional resilience, negativity bias, and social skills; thinking skills and learning difficulties. Use this test to improve your child’s performance while ensuring emotional wellbeing.
  • MyCalmBeat™: A paced-breathing tool to improve heart rate variability, which can help in reducing stress, optimizing focus, and improving health.
  • SMART™ SPORT: The right sport and fitness activity can be the biggest stress buster. Find out the sport activities that your child’s genes favour.


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