Tobacco Cessation Tricks That Work

“When you fail to give up (the habit), don’t give up. Try again and again!”

– A former smoker

Why do I have to read this?

Are you planning to give up tobacco or to help someone in their fight against nicotine addiction? Here are some tobacco cessation tricks shared with us by some of our customers who successfully fought against nicotine addiction. Some of them had variations in their DNA most commonly associated with nicotine dependence. However, that didn’t stop them achieving their goal of tobacco cessation.


Tobacco Cessation Tips & tricks that work

  • Do not give up your attempts to quit. It may take more than one try.
  • Do it for yourself (“I want to look better”). Do it for your kids (“I need to coach soccer for my son”). Do it for your friends (“I laugh better when I haven’t had a cigarette”). Do it for your family (“We haven’t gone skiing, ever”). Nevertheless, do it for some reasonand for someone.
  • Set the right goals. “I will never touch a cigarette, again”. Wrong. Short-term goals work wonderfully, esp. in the beginning. Even a 15-20% reduction is the right step, in the right direction.
  • Put yourself on track. You are responsible for monitoring yourself. Blame no one (“I got together with old buddies”) and nothing (“Yesterday’s fight stressed me out!”), apart from you.
  • Educate yourself. Inform yourself of the ill effects of smoking, and the benefits of quitting. Knowing the impact of your smoking habits on your body will motivate you to kick the habit (butt)”!
  • Set your heart on fighting the urge to reach out for a smoke. Certain triggers might cause increased craving – this is due to the brain’s signals, in response to your psyche and emotions. Anger, stress, exhaustion or a grumpy mood could be your reason to light a cigarette. Take control of your actions during such times to avoid falling back into the habit.
  • Keep your environment smoke-free. Some people claim that even the smell of smoke can tempt them into lighting a cigarette. Your house, clothes and all your belongings must be devoid of leftover cigarettes, ashtrays, and the like.
  • Gather as many helping hands as you can. Even if you are not a member of an official support group, willing friends and family who support your decision to quit make a huge difference in your life. Surround yourself with the right people, who genuinely care about your well-being and do not mind being your “moral police”!
  • You are not alone (a very useful cliché!). Take solace in the fact that there is plenty of traffic on this road. There are many who are on their way, some who are still finding their way and many who have not begun, yet. The good news is that there are many people who made it.


About the author

Rasika is the product specialist and scientific liaison for Mapmygenome’s personal genomics portfolio. With eight years of experience in sequencing, molecular biology, genetic data analysis and reporting, she currently works in the product team at Mapmygenome. Her key responsibilities include genomics product development, data curation, scientific content creation and management, data analysis and technical support for business development. Her key strength is a robust understanding of consumer genomics, including specialized areas such as pharmacogenomics, nutrigenomics and sports genomics. Rasika is also a certified group fitness trainer and Pilates (Balanced Body) Mat instructor.

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