Add Salads To Every Meal

The Salad is a dish made up of fragments of food, which may be mixed with a sauce or seasoning depending on its recipe and flavour. Salads can be eaten as an appetiser or as a main meal. There are various kinds of salads such as fresh garden salad, dinner salads, grain salads etc. it’s a widespread variety of options to choose from the list.

Reasons to include salads in our daily life

High on fibre:

Salads are raw vegetables either with little or no cooking. Raw vegetables are rich in fibre, which helps in improving digestion. For most of the lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disorder salad is a staple food.

Sharpens eyesight:

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, mint, amaranths, lettuce are packed with nutrients like vitamin A, lutein which is essential to brighten up our vision. Our eyes constantly keep working all the day it is very important to supply right kind of nutrition through food to keep our eyes safe and bright.

Weight management:

Salads supplies us with essential nutrients such as fewer calories, proteins and fat; high in fibre, vitamins and minerals. An improved digestion will promote good health and with proper monitoring will encourage fat loss.

Refreshes mind and body:

Micronutrients will help in releasing happy hormone – dopamine and serotonin. Salads are rich in micronutrients, it will make you feel full and stay stress-free during work.

Salad can be added with herbs, olive oil, salad oil, low-fat mayonnaise, balsamic vinegar etc. and easy to make during the end hour. It’s a wonderful party recipe, colourful and healthy. Carry some pieces of cucumber, carrot, beetroot, lettuce etc. with your lunch box to make it fibre rich.


Greens are probably the best super foods on the planet! And why not, be it any type of greens they are loaded with vital nutrients important for the good health of the body. Every variant of greens that we use has so many health benefits. Most of our Indian cuisines not only use green leafy vegetables but it is also used since historic time in home remedies to treat various diseases due to its medicinal properties.

These super foods are rich sources of minerals&vitamins. But they would need a small amount of dietary fat for better absorption. Various studies have shown that it is important to eat green leafy vegetables regularly as they help in blood purification, blood circulation improved liver, kidney and heart functioning. It also improves immunity to fight against various infections.

Though greens are easily available in the market, it is difficult to get all nutrients from them. It is because the nutrients present in the greens are subtle to heat and is lost during cooking. To get maximum goodness from this food, it should undergo minimum processing and should be subjected to less heat.  You can enjoy the goodness of greens by even doing your own kitchen gardening. They are easy to grow, and you can relish the goodness of chemical and pesticide-free greens. Greens that you can grow in your kitchen garden are fenugreek, coriander, spinach, mint, shepu leaves, amaranth, and basil.

Few ways to include these super foods in your diet

  • Add it to your salads.
  • You can include them in your roti’s or parathas
  • You can try yummy chutney or add it to raitas.
  • Toss it with vegetables.
  • Add seasoned greens to gravies.

These are few simple ways to include these super foods in your diet with minimal cooking to get maximum benefits from fresh greens.To know more or to ask us a question, write to us at

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