Experts Speak: Obesity.

According to latest statistics, India is the second worst country affected by obesity & diabetes. In a family of 4, two or three of them are above their body mass index level, and from there reaching obesity takes a limited time due to current lifestyle habits. Hear from our experts what they have to say about obesity.

What is obesity?

Obesity is a condition of the body wherein there is an accumulation of body fat beyond a specified limit. Clinically speaking Obesity is a condition of excessive deposits adipose tissue in the body.  It is a vital factor of the health where in over 40 medical conditions are linked to obesity.  Some of the prominent diseases are hypertension (low and high), Hypocholesteraemia, diabetes, (elevation in the sugar levels), brain and heart strokes, gall bladder stones, Osteoarthritis (calcium and bone disorder), PCODs,sleep issues and some kinds of cancers.

How childhood forms an important part in contributing to obesity?

Accumulation of body fat is not an overnight phenomenon.  It gathers over a period. Precisely stated it begins at childhood when food habits take definite shapes.  The seeds of physiological and psychological impacts are laid in the early stage of human development.

Environmental factors today have enhanced the cause factors for obesity.  As children today have moved more indoors than before, dietary preferences undergoing a paradigm shift, and genetic background also playing its role, the imbalance between the energy intake and expenditure has grossly risen.  This goes forward in life with sedentary lifestyles coming into vogue leading to obesity growing to epidemic levels.

 How do we measure obesity?

For now, BMI is the best option. It is recommended that one should rely on not just assessing body composition but measuring hormones and biomarkers in the blood or urine, to get a better handle on abnormal processes that may contribute to obesity and chronic disease. And until such tests become available, BMI may still prove useful yet — if a health coach combines BMI with a comprehensive evaluation of their patients’ medical history and lifestyle habits to get a meaningful, if not yet the perfectly precise picture of their weight-related health.


Losing weight is a task! The method you choose to lose weight should be interesting, simple and fun. If you are bored of following the same old principle of losing weight, it’s time to try something new.

Secrets of weight loss from around the world:

The Thai Way: Thai food is one among some of the spiciest foods in the world. Research suggests, that spicy food can be beneficial for weight loss as it can boost metabolism due to its high thermal value. It also slows down your eating and increases your water intake. These are some good points to consider for weight loss in ‘The Thai Way’.

Savor Rice and Beans Like Brazilians: Brazilians eat rice and beans in almost every meal. Rice and beans make a perfect combination of complete proteins and the meal is also rich in fiber. This combination gives you early satiety and reduces hunger pangs or curbs those cravings in between meals. This, in turn, reduces your calorie intake and can help you lose healthy weight.

Russians Depend on Their Gardens:  Russians lack dispensable income and they save money by growing their own fruits and vegetables. So, you tend to plan your meals according to your harvest and also you would take more time to prepare and eat a meal. This also makes you conscious of what you are eating and how much you are eating. These meals being cooked from fresh produce are rich in nutrients, healthy and aid in better weight loss.

Japanese Diet Focuses on Portion Control:  Did you know that Japanese have the lowest obesity rate in the world? Yes, and the credit go to their principle of portion control. Also, Japanese diets are rich in vegetables, fruits, fish and tofu. Apart from focusing on portion control, they have adapted to the straightforward way of cooking like steaming or sauteing which doesn’t involve a high amount of fats.

Move like Norwegians: In this country, it is more about staying active than eating. It is common for Norwegians to go for a hike on Sundays with family or go cycling or cross-country skiing. They are known to value family activity and it is an important part of their healthy lifestyle.

Sipping Tea: In many countries sipping tea is big. And this habit can help you lose weight. Because most of us confuse thirst for hunger and end up eating food that adds to extra calories. Drinking tea not only reduces thirst but also hydrates body with additional benefits like antioxidants and other nutrients.Whatever way you choose to lose weight, but do not forget to consult your health expert before implementing it.

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