Primordial Prevention

The world has gone through one of the worst nightmares with COVID-19. With no end in sight, the pandemic has shown our healthcare system's sheer unpreparedness and inability to face a threat of this magnitude. So, health care globally needs a thorough rehaul to shift gears from reactive, intervention-led care to a preventive approach. There is a necessity to rethink individual lifestyles and healthcare policies to shift to primordial prevention.

What is Primordial Prevention?

Primordial Prevention addresses the root factors and prevents the emergence of modifiable risk factors like overweight, elevated blood sugar levels, and high blood pressure that cause serious medical issues like brain stroke and heart attack.  Genetic factors like family history are non-modifiable risk factors.

Basic Primordial Prevention

  • Follow a balanced diet, including more greens like spinach, mustard, fenugreek, and moringa.
  • Indulge in  moderate exercises
  • Use stress-reduction techniques such as deep breathing exercises, meditation, and mindfulness.
  •  Make sure to get optimum sleep, and it is good quality sleep.
  • Regular health checkups.

Health Checkups are Important

Regular health checkups can help find potential health issues. People above 25 years of age can do a yearly basic health profile. It includes a complete blood picture, random blood sugar, thyroid profile, lipid profile, anemia screen, checking Vitamin  B12 and D levels, and liver function test. Genome tests with basic health profiles give us a roadmap for maintaining optimum health.

How can Mapmygenome help?

Mapmygenome provides in-depth health assessment using preventive and clinical genomic tests. Mapmygenome offers preventive genome tests with necessary blood tests and provides a comprehensive report and actionable plans on health conditions.

  1. Genomepatri and basic health profiling give complete blood picture, diabetic screen, anemia screen, vitamin B12, and Vitamin D levels, iron studies, thyroid profile, lipid profile, liver function tests, and renal function tests. The price is Rs 7,499. Genomepatri is a good start for primordial prevention.
  2. Cardiomap and cardiac screening include complete blood picture, diabetic screen, cardiac markers, thyroid profile, lipid profile, liver function tests, and renal function tests at a special price of Rs.8499. Cardiomap also evaluates the family history of coronary artery disease.
  3.  DNA Oncoscreen includes genetic risk assessment and evaluation of tumor markers  PSA, AFP, CA-125(Cancer Antigen 125), CA 15-3( breast cancer), CA19-9(pancreatic cancer), BHcg, and LDH. It also gives a complete blood picture, urine examination, and fecal occult blood testing. DNA Oncoscreen also assesses the family history of cancer. The price is RS 9999.
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