GenomePatri Fit: A Customer’s Journey through his DNA

Fit is not a destination, it is a way of life.

These words were inculcated within my psyche from early childhood. Being raised in a family that adhered to a healthy way of living and encouraged being fit and healthy has had a great impact on my life. I never really remember getting sick and missing school, although I always envied my mates who missed school due to an illness! Although I did suffer from a bout of chickenpox and had to miss school for ten whole days. But looking back, I guess there wasn’t much I could have done about that.

The endeavor to be fit had been ingrained within me, but as I was growing up I felt that I wasn’t able to perform physically and mentally to my true potential. Somewhere deep within, I knew my body was capable of more, but it seemed to stop at an imaginary wall. Mind you, I am not a fitness freak. I am an ordinary guy who loves to play a few sports, maintain a good physique and loves life to the fullest.

Sowing of the seed

Sometime back I came across an article in a health magazine which talked about nature and nurture. I had nurtured my body for sure, but I was more intrigued by the “nature” part of it. Careful reading made a few concepts clear. We all have a “chip” that runs us and makes us who we are. This chip is called the DNA (the cool acronym for an uninteresting chemical name – deoxyribo nucleic acid). DNA is present in each of the approximately 37.2 trillion cells in our body. It literally runs the show of life, helping run all the chemical processes that make us living.

DNA also determines how we look. Since we get half of our DNA from either of our parents, we resemble them in many ways. So when every Tom and Dick tell Harry Potter that he is so like his father but has the eyes of his mother, it really isn’t that difficult to understand why. Well, I am digressing.

What the article went on to say is that the potential is hidden in our genes (smaller, functional units of DNA) and all we have to do is unlock the potential through the right information and complementing it with the right diet, lifestyle choices and exercise. In fact there could be exercises that you are doing that might not at all benefit your body (even harm it!) if your DNA doesn’t approve of it.


Germination of an idea

The article certainly piqued my curiosity because it attempted to answer the long standing, yet unasked, question in my mind. I not being able to tap my true physical potential meant that I wasn’t eating the right kind of diet and doing the right kind of exercises. What I was eating was supposedly healthy – lots of greens, whole grains, fruits, legumes and lean cuts of meats and fatty fishes. But maybe the combination wasn’t right for my body. I was doing cardio and strength training. But maybe the sets were wrong or the timing of exercising wasn’t quite right. I had to get to the bottom of this.

The search begins

A visit to my dietitian-cum-trainer changed my life. For the better, I must quickly add. When I put forth my musings and vague queries to her, she listened to me with her now patented “enlightened sage” look and then told me about genetic testing. Slowly, everything started to make sense.

Our DNA controls everything. Literally. It decides what food benefits us, how much (proteins, carbs, fats) is to be eaten and when. It also decides what kind of exercises, and for how much time, are suitable for our body. It also decides when we should be exercising. I was in awe. This tiny chemical entity that had been part of me since the time I was conceived controlled every tiny aspect of my life! And now I decided to know my DNA better since this information would help me tap into a new me!

An internet search led me to Mapmygenome. These people were the pioneers of genetic testing in India. An in-depth research told me about their various offerings as well as their technological prowess. I looked at GenomePatri Fit and I was literally blown out of my mind. A simple gene test can help me understand the right diet and training for my body. Rather than eating generic “healthy” diets and doing generic exercises, here was a way to customize it all for my own body.  


Getting ready to know myself!

I quickly got in touch with Mapmygenome. I got a call from one of the experts. Within 30 minutes, she had opened a whole new vista for me. I was sold on the idea of getting a genetic test done. Sample collection went like a breeze. I just had to give my saliva sample. Apparently our saliva contains many cells from inside our mouth that are being sloughed off. I sent the sample off to Mapmygenome’s lab and mentally crossed the proverbial fingers.

Within a few weeks I was told that my DNA had been “read” and they were ready with the information. Like a teenager on his first date, I was bubbling with apprehension and curiosity when I got a call from my counselor. She explained the entire report to me – which all genes were tested, what were the results and what it meant for me. I was literally gulping the information as it came. It was so fascinating. Here I was, after nearly 35 years of my life, getting to know my true self!

The moment of truth

I found out about my cardiorespiratory fitness, muscle strength and endurance, body composition, neurological components, major health conditions I was susceptible to and injury risk and time to recovery. It was as if someone was showing me a biological mirror!

On the basis of the report, the counselor created a customized diet and exercise plan for me. I now know what foods my body needs, when I have to eat and how much. I now know exactly what kinds of exercises I need to do and how I need to train. I now know how prone my body is to injury and how much time it will take to fully recover from the injury. I now know my body’s pain threshold and how it responds to stress. I now know how my body is made and which micronutrients do I need to provide it to tune it up to its optimum best.


Looking ahead

It’s been three months since I started on my new regime that was designed specifically for my body. I have been training well and my body seems to respond better since I know its limits and potential. My report says that I have good endurance capabilities. There is this half marathon in my city next month. I think I am going to participate in it. Wish me luck!

About the customer

Jitendra Rathod is a recent addition to the Mapmygenome customer gene pool. His determination to achieve his fitness goals the right way, lead him to our doorstep. With the information he gleaned from the test, he has personalised his diet and workout plan, and has fast tracked his fitness goals.

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