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[BOOK] Mastergene Laboratory

M Kaur - 2018 -

… support to the clients pre- and post-testing when needed (Mayo clinic proceedings, January 2018). In context of data confidentiality, Mastergene will use Biotracker™ by Ocimum Biosolutions to manage and track information at every stage of the process – from profile …

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[PDF] Requirement for the award of degree of Masters of Architecture, Semester-IV (Healthcare Architecture)

G Agarwal - 2016 -

… Ocimum’s relational database solution Biotracker is (according to the vendor’s homepage)

capable of supporting typical tasks of biobanking, such as clinical data, specimen data, tissue 




[HTML] FluxCTTX: A LIMS-based tool for management and analysis of cytotoxicity assays data

AC Faria-Campos, LB Balottin… - BMC …, 2015 - bmcbioinformatics.biomedcentral …

… solutions. Some examples of these include SQL LIMS [11], Lab-Soft [12], LabWare[13], FreeLIMS [14], Biotracker [15], Watson [16] and the systems developed by Hendrick [17], Quo [18], Tharayil [19] and Sanchez [20]. One …

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Growth of Indian biotech companies, in the context of the international biotechnology industry

U Palnitkar - Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, 2005 - Springer

… Setting up unit for gelatin manufacture Ocimum Biosolutions … Global marketing of

Biotracker-LIMS United Bioinformatics Inc., Canada Marketing rights for Gencheck and Biotracker …





[HTML] High-throughput SNP genotyping to accelerate crop improvement

MJ Thomson - Plant Breeding and Biotechnology, 2014 -

Title: High-Throughput SNP Genotyping to Accelerate Crop Improvement,Journal title: Plant Breeding and Biotechnology.

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Ocimum Biosolutions: Genomics Outsourcing in India

A Knauer - Women Entrepreneurs, 2013 -

… One of Ocimum's first products, Biotracker, is a software program that allows research labs to track samples, workflows, and information output. The product is licensed mostly to academic life sciences labs for between 38 Amanda Knauer Page 5 …



4-in-1-LIMS@ IRRI [International Rice Research Inst., Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines]: the present and the future

DN Lozada, R Anacheto, MY Reveche… - Philippine Journal of …, 2013 -

… A web-based LIMS with cloud storage, the Biotracker software as a service LIMS (, is currently being customized by Ocimum Biosolutions to meet the needs of four labs at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), namely the Genetic …  





Overview of Genotyping

M Bayés, IG Gut - Molecular Analysis and Genome Discovery, 2012 - Wiley Online Library

… results. Originally, LIMS were developed in-house but currently there are several commercial solutions available such as Biotracker (Ocimum Biosolutions), Geneus (GenoLogics) and StarLIMS (StarLIMS Corporation). Complete 








Biobanking: Basic concepts and role in rheumatology

S ShankarY Uday - Indian Journal of Rheumatology, 2011 - Elsevier

… Ocimum's relational database solution Biotracker is (according to the vendor's homepage) capable of supporting typical tasks of biobanking, such as clinical data, specimen data, tissue micro-arrays, inventory and request management …

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D Kennedy - 2009 -

… The LIMS application used was BiotrackerTM (Ocimum Biosolutions), and its modular design

led users through each step of the genotyping process, from starting an experiment to the …






[PDF] LIMS and the art of MS proteomics

C Piggee - 2008 - ACS Publications

… Table 1. Commercially available LIMS for proteomics.1 Product Biotracker Computational Pro-teomics Analysis System (CPAS) LabWare LIMS Mascot Integra Nautilus LIMS ProteinCenter Company or organization Ocimum Biosolutions +91-40-6662-7200 www.ocimumbio …

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