In the last 22 years since I have been in the genomics space, my teams (Mapmygenome, Ocimum Biosolutions, Genelogic ) have published in prestigious scientific journals like Nature, JAMA, PLOS and more. What is also very exciting are the thousands of publications that refer to our products and services. Yes, I counted :-).

As a science-based organization, one of our key differentiators is that we do high-quality science and communicate our science to the end consumers of this technology. When we understand science well, we can communicate it well too. For that purpose, we have a blog on the mapmygenome page

Please follow the links below to get publication references for specific products. 

Anu Acharya,

CEO, Mapmygenome


  1. Spoligotyping
  2. LIMS - Biotracker
    LIMS - Biotracker
  3. Genchek/ Genowiz/OptGene/Irnacheck
    Genchek/ Genowiz/OptGene/Irnacheck
  4. Publications by Mapmygenome Team
    Publications by Mapmygenome Team
  5. Sequencing Services
    Sequencing Services
  6. Patents ( Mapmygenome)
    Patents ( Mapmygenome)
  7. BioExpress Publications
    BioExpress Publications
  8. Others
  9. Ascenta
  10. Toxexpress