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Mapymygenome Patent Published in the Official Journal of Patents, Dated: 18/11/2016

Patent Application no. 201641028519 A: 

Title : System and Method for Analysing an Individual's Genomic Profile

Abstract: A method for analyzing an individual genomic profile to detect genetic predisposition to several diseases, traits and drug responses is disclosed. The biological sample is collected from an individual, DNA is extracted and hybridized onto a custom made microarray to generate SNP genotype calls. The genetic risks for a selected set of conditions are calculated using algorithms that consider genotypes of all associated SNP's. A genetic report is compiled,evaluated thoroughly by a genetic expert and then stored in the computer implemented laboratory information management system, called Biotracker.  The personalized report is then delivered to the client through BiotrackerTMs email facility and a counselling is conducted to every person by an in-house genetic counsellor to help understand and interpret the report correctly and a guidance is given with a Secondary Recommendation Report.