Poetry…It’s in the Genes!

Poetry is true magic, which takes us beyond the realms of the mundane to a world that is the writer’s creation. It can be a balm to the soul or the discordant chord that awakens us to reality. At Mapmygenome, we celebrate World Poetry Day, with genetic poetry.

Our CEO Anu Acharya shares her poem Through the Genome Glass, which she says was inspired by Lewis Carroll.

Through the Genome Glass

Will offspring with pure genetics grow

As blue eyed medicine’s wonder!

Research is discreet, and I am wowed

To it, I shall surrender,

That advances in genomics will surely hail

the love gift of a fairy tale


Or will it?


Some have not seen the sunny side

nor heard of it in daily chatter

No thought of genome shall find a place

In their lives hereafter




A tale that started in the age old days

When life was simple and flowing

A simple habit that can be served in time

Through The Rhythm of our knowing


Whose implications may live in our genes

Through generations over time



Geethanjali Tanikella shares Genes Beyond History, which she says was inspired by Mapmygenome.


Genes Beyond History

Millennia may pass,

Dynasties may fade,

History may vanish,

Without leaving a trace.


Archaeologists’ finds,

Poets’ visions,

Scientists’ theories,

May guess the past.


But the hidden link,

Is deep within.

Passed from parent to child,

Inheritance stays true.


In the DNA

Are the answers to past

That trace ancestry,

Beyond history.


What we are today,

Traits that define individuality –

Are but a copy,

Echoes of yesterday.


When man fights man,

Does he know

That behind the enemy lines

Is his brother?


Do you have a favorite poem on Genetics? Or a favorite poem? Do you write or love poetry? At Mapmygenome, we think it’s in the genes!