Quadruples in the Helix #KnowYourself in 2016

As the year 2016 comes to a start, our CEO Ms. Anu Acharya shares this poem, about our year in review.

Quadruples in the Helix
As Twisted as can be
Carefully program life’s software
Helps you #KnowYourself
When you get a Genomepatri

To see what these mutations predict
By Sequencing we can see
Creating quirks in our hardware
And predisposition
To disease

Depending on what letters were picked
In life’s lottery, there is no plea
Genomepatri gives you recommendations
Your actions truly can
Change your life considerably

Moving to Mapmygenome, what ticked
Transcribing 2015 as I drink green tea
Expanded to Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore
Replication of our business model
In India and Internationally

The Website got transformed and clicked
Easier for the consumer to see
In a couple of months, it will have applications
To navigate, store and access
Rather rationally

Raised a round of funding from angels handpicked
Increasing our telomerase for the future to be
To accelerate our plans and regulate those channels
Build our database and help prevent and diagnose disease
And expand exponentially

As customers spread the message and gave their verdict
Like a polymerase chain reaction would be
We hope that the effects of that would be contagious
With better health for everyone
And more smiles potentially

Mapmygenome wishes and predicts
Decoding quadruples in the helix you will see
You #KnowYourself in 2016
And create ‪#‎HealthyHabits‬
Forever and not just initially