Top 10 Health And Wellness Channels

 There is a lot of content on YouTube and it is possible to keep watching things that may be inaccurate or boring. Here is a list that I have created for you to focus on some of the good ones. This list is only for health and wellness. There are some wonderful professors like Prof Robert Sapolsky from Stanford but he doesn't have a channel of his own. You can just search for his lectures or podcasts.


Andrew Huberman is a neuroscientist and tenured professor of neurobiology at Stanford School of Medicine. His channel discusses various topics related to human behaviour and neuroscience. Huberman talks about how our brains and its connections with various organs of the body control our perceptions, our behavior, and our health. You will get to know about the latest scientific advances and effective tools to build physical fitness, improve cognitive abilities and focus, or enhance the quality of sleep. He also has some episodes with some amazing guests. 


Mapmygenome has videos on wellness and health along with the basics of genetics and genetic counseling. Genomics Gupshup, a chat show with experts, on the channel, discusses the exciting world of genomics and how it impacts your daily life. There are videos on Genetic counseling, Pharmacogenomics, wellness, Nutrition, Ancestry and fitness. 


Dr. Pradip Jamnadas, MD is a cardiologist who has a keen interest in preventative health. His channel mainly focuses on fasting and heart health. Dr. Pradip has some interesting episodes on fasting and its effect on insulin, metabolic health, obesity, and genetics of heart health. 



If you want a simplified version of anything related to genomics, NHGRI is the best pick. Their videos cover a wide range of topics - from the basics of genomics to the latest scientific advances happening in the field. 


Mark Hyman, MD is a functional medicine specialist. His channel discusses health, wellness, and food. Dr. Mark shares some hacks for weight loss, good sleep and talks about relevant topics in the world of nutrition. He also speaks with experts like Dr. Gabor Maté and many more who talk about several aspects of healthy living.


Dr. Sinclair is a professor of genetics and co-director of Harvard Medical School's Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research. His channel discusses one of the most interesting topics of current times - aging. Dr. Sinclair shares his insightful research into the genetics of aging and the science of reverse aging, longevity, etc. Some of the episodes will definitely pique your interest.


Dr. Eric Berg breaks down confusing complex health topics into easy-to-understand, usable knowledge. He talks about doing the healthy version of the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting.  If your new resolution includes losing weight and focusing on healthy eating, this channel is the best place to start with. 


Mayo Clinic is the go-to source for medical information. They also release a lot of content on a regular basis. There is a lot of credible content about Covid19 as well. 


This is another interesting channel that revolves around fitness, nutrition, and diet. One of the highlights of Dr Anthony Gustin’s discussions is intuitive eating and he also debunks some of the myths related to the ketogenic diet. 


If you need a little bit of health wisdom, this channel would be a good choice. Dr. Mike Hansen specializes in internal medicine, critical care medicine, and pulmonary disease. His channel is up-to-date on health content. Dr. Hansen talks about various health conditions and also shares some good old kitchen secrets to healthy eating.