A poem by ANu acharya


As 2022 waves goodbye on the dusty road, 
Strewn across the map of time, 
We take a look back at the roots that sprouted up, 
And grew into reality, with stars aligned.

Genomics Gupshup, our show, Saturday evening time, 
To chat, to discuss and to curiosity arouse, 
And 21 episodes we premiered, in our genome studio so soon,
To simplify DNA, to grow the field, ideology we espouse.

A new genomics experience center was added,
in the garden city of Bengaluru in March,
To bring our expertise closer to people,
And the bearing of the torch.

The desire to spread wings beyond the country,
Mapmygenome began its international journey,
A little bird called Mapmygenome now found its way, 
In Canada and Spain, creating new memories.

As India turned 75, it recognised, 
Mapmygenome in many ways,
Awards By Niti Ayog and the PSA,
In us, they see the future hope.

A bright future,  starts with curiosity,
With 22 years of enabling research,
DSIR granted to Mapmygenome to increase velocity,
Accelerate future growth #CuriosityisinmyDNA.

Our dreamers dropped a random thought,
Those who were old knew the science of staying anew, 
A simple fancy of longevity spurs ideas of a moonshot,
Could our DNA hold those clues.

A nameless person, amidst the crowd,
That throngs the regular mart,
Has DNA unique that made her Genomepatri,
Personalisation that sets her apart.

A fitness freak, that midlife crisis,
That spreads in the human mind,
But Myfitgene could help navigate, 
To each their sport and their own unwind.

The food he eats, the food you eat,
That seems to work in different ways,
Mynutrigene can help you beat,
So that everyday is your day!

Medicine for one, that beacon of hope, 
Was poison for another, who knew,
A simple test with DNA called MedicaMap, 
Was something of a breakthrough.

And to change the course of health, 
Prevention is the only cure, 
Mapmygenome is working on combining data, 
To help you keep your future secure.

Our clinical genomics, portfolio, it grew,
As we approached the doctors, 
Oncologists were thrilled with DNA Onconex, 
Low cost, high coverage and VUS so few!

Our Whole exome sequencing, is quick and the best, 
Bioinformatics team with so much more, 
To solve the diagnostic odyssey, this was the test,
To help families and clinicians get assured.

And in our pursuit of better health,
Blood tests were added to our product map,
Centers that added to our strength, 
Blood tests were added, Ah! AIMAP 

The concept of care, in hospitals and centers,
Leaves out many, that live far away,
We zoom in to focus on you,
With our #HarGharDNA!

As twenty two trends towards twenty three, 
While the world may never be covid free, 
Mapmygenome aims to help you reach health goals,
We hope we can become your health trustee.


Happy 2023!