World Health Day : Health For All

Some say that health is wealth while others say wealth is nothing without health. Some say that health is the greatest gift and that there is no happiness without it. So, what is your definition of health? Is it not falling sick, being physically fit, being mentally at peace, or being the best version of yourself? 

To embrace this notion, the World Health Organisation (WHO) celebrates World Health Day every year on April 7 to raise awareness about the overall health and well-being of people worldwide. This year, as the WHO is also celebrating its 75th anniversary, the theme for the day is “Health for All: Everyone, Everywhere.”

The challenges 

Healthcare has always been a growing industry with research and developments  happening every now and then. Although we have progressed a lot in this area, the Covid-19 pandemic brought a lot of challenges to the healthcare system and also exposed many of its faults and loopholes. This year, the WHO is focusing on the top 5 health issues in the world that include:

  • Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs)
  • Infectious diseases
  • Maternal and child health
  • Environmental risks
  • Universal health coverage

The pandemic has indeed highlighted the critical importance of investing in healthcare systems and preparedness. While we often say that health is wealth, how much effort we actually put in for improving our own health is still a concerning question. If the goal is to achieve health for all globally, and while organizations like WHO are doing their part in improving global health, shouldn’t we as individuals do our best to be the best version of ourselves? 

The biggest investment

We have our own definitions of health and personal health goals. But the one thing that this pandemic has taught us is the need for preparedness and prevention. 

The saying “Prevention is better than cure” has long been linked to good health, and one effective approach to initiating a healthy lifestyle is by customizing it to prevent or control illnesses, rather than waiting to become ill and then investing time, resources, and money in treatment. But what is the best way to accomplish this?

We are usually advised to follow a balanced diet and to include some form of physical activity to stay healthy. But that might not work for all. To achieve your personal healthcare goals, you need a personalized lifestyle modification plan that suits your individual needs. And to create that plan you need to look within yourself!

Custom-made healthcare

Every progress and development in the field of health and medicine leads to  increasing importance for personalized healthcare and precision medicine. This has paved the way for two significant fields of healthcare: personal genomics and pharmacogenomics

Personal genomics allows you to access the information locked inside your DNA. You can call it your genetic horoscope. Personal genomics helps you find ways to unlock them so that you can be your best self. Similarly, pharmacogenomics tells you about the way you will respond to different medications, thus becoming an important tool in precision medicine. 

By undergoing a genetic predisposition test you can find out whether you are at risk of developing any health conditions, and whether a particular drug will work well for you or cause any side effects. This vital piece of information can then be used to create a tailor-made lifestyle modification plan that includes the right kind of diet, suitable fitness regime, and other lifestyle habits, as well as the correct drug response. This way you get a jump start on your health and wellness journey whereby you can take proactive measures to monitor your health and screen for the necessary parameters on a routine basis to manage your overall health. If treatment is required, you will know exactly which medication will suit you the best and skip the trial-and-error drama!

Wondering where you can get this information?

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Mapmygenome™ has a strong team of certified genetic counselors who will be your constant support throughout your health journey. They will help analyze your report, provide you with an accurate risk assessment, and guide you through the right recommendations to be followed based on your genetic risk factors through a personalized lifestyle modification plan. The genetic counselors are well experienced to handle the emotional and psychological concerns regarding your health and wellness and provide you with the right kind of support and advice. 

Health is not a destination but a beautiful journey. To make this journey enjoyable, you need to make sure that you have packed up the right things in your backpack and that you also have the best travel buddy. 

So on this World Health Day, choose your perfect travel buddy, pack up the right tools, and drive away!