AIMAP Preventive Screening

AIMAP preventive screening helps you evaluate your risk of developing lifestyle disorders and take precautions to keep you healthy. It can identify the risk of developing diabetes, anemia, heart and kidney diseases. This will benefit you by providing early signs of serious health problems.

Symptoms like sudden weight loss, loss of appetite, frequent urination, fatigue, and weakness may be signs of underlying lifestyle disorders. Preventive screening is recommended every 6 to 12 months, or as recommended by your doctor.

Sample type TAT Who is this test for Pretest preparation
Serum, WB EDTA, plasma, urine 8 Hrs Any age, any gender 8-10 hr fasting required


Complete Blood Profile

Lipid Profile

Kidney Function Test


Liver Function Test


Complete Urine Examination (CUE)


Tests Included

Complete Blood Profile (CBP)

Complete Blood Profile analyzes components of a blood cell - investigating morphology, number, and maturity in blood volume. Recent studies link lower counts of lymphocytes (lymph-forming cells) and neutrophils(white blood cells) to prolonged infection.

Lipid Profile

Lipid aids in producing hormones, Vitamin D, and substances that help digest foods. This test covers all four lipids found in your body (LDL, HDL, triglycerides, and cholesterol). Increased cholesterol levels cause a high risk of heart disease and stroke. Low-density lipoprotein is a type of bad cholesterol.

Liver Function Test (LFT)

Hepatic panels, also known as LFT, provide information about a patient's liver condition. The test covers screening of liver functions, checking enzyme levels, analyzing the progression of any disease, assessing the severity of liver diseases, etc. It covers ALT/SGPT, AST/SGOT, Bilirubin, and Alkaline Phosphatase. A normal healthy liver responds effectively to drugs used in treatment, as it helps in metabolizing the drugs.

Kidney Function Test

Kidney Function Test is the most common test to check kidney malfunctions. The test assesses how well kidneys purify the blood by filtering out waste and excess fluid like Creatinine, Uric Acid, and Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN). The test helps find symptoms of kidney diseases and side effects of drugs that may include kidney damage and altered kidney.

Thyroid Profile - T3, T4, TSH

Thyroid profile test assesses the functions of the Thyroid gland by measuring the levels of thyroid hormones Triiodothyronine(T3), Thyroxine(T4), and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone(TSH). The thyroid profile test detects thyroid diseases such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, thyroiditis, and goiter. Iodine deficiency is one of the major causes of thyroid.

Fasting Blood sugar (FBS)

The Fasting Blood Sugar(FBS) test measures sugar (glucose) in your blood. This test identifies prediabetes, Type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. A person might likely have these conditions and still not know about them. Fasting is required for 10 to 12 hours before the test.

Iron, Serum

Screening for iron deficiency, anemia, chronic iron overload diseases, mainly hereditary hemochromatosis.

Complete Urine Examination (CUE)

Complete Urine Examination includes the screening of urine physical parameters like color, transparency, presence of cells or microbes, and biochemical analysis to check the levels of crucial biomolecules to provide the overall health status of a person.


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