Y Chromosome Microdeletion

The prevalence of Y chromosome deletions and microdeletions is estimated at 1:2,000 to 1:3,000 males 1

Y chromosome microdeletion refers to the loss of a small portion of genetic material on the Y chromosome in males. The Y chromosome is responsible for determining male sex characteristics and plays a crucial role in fertility. Y chromosome microdeletions can result in the absence or reduction of specific genes on the Y chromosome, which can lead to fertility issues or impaired sperm production.

The detection of Y chromosome microdeletions is typically performed through genetic testing, specifically polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis, which targets specific markers within the AZF regions

Clinical utility

When is it recommended?

Test specification

Technique Variant types TAT Sample requirements
PCR INDEL 2-3 Weeks Male Patient EDTA Blood




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What is the purpose of Y chromosome microdeletion testing in infertility?

Y chromosome microdeletion testing helps identify genetic factors that may be contributing to male infertility, providing insights for appropriate interventions and treatment strategies.

Can Y chromosome microdeletions be the sole cause of infertility?

Does a positive Y chromosome microdeletion result mean infertility is inevitable?